20th Century Japanese Pear

Hand-picked and carefully packaged, our unique 20th Century Japanese Pears are delicately cared for from growth to delivery.


Flavor profile and description

These premium 20th Century Japanese Pears resemble a large golden apple. The smooth, round pears have a thin, green/yellow skin. The flesh of the pear is crisp and creamy white. It offers a mild flavor, low in acidity and slightly sweet.


Their delicious flavor and crisp texture make the 20th Century Japanese Pear desirable for use in salads and an excellent choice for snacks. Use in jams, or pickle with onions and spices.

The flavor of the pears intensifies when cooked and they maintain their dense textures.

The 20th Century Japanese story

The 20th Century Japanese Pear originated around 1900 in Tottori, located in the Chūgoku region on the Honshū Island of Japan.

The uniqueness of the Japanese pear has elevated its status to that of a "special gift" given to family, friends, and business associates.

The Dragonberry 20th Century Japanese Pear is grown exclusively in the Pacific Northwest and harvested with intensive hand labor.

During the growing season a protective bag is carefully placed around each individual pear while it is still on the tree. When ready for harvest each pear is hand-picked and carefully packaged in a protective styrofoam "sock" to prevent bruising and crushing. The final step in the process is to place each individual pear in a single-layer tray that is hand wrapped for protection and then placed in a specially designed box for shipping.

Nutritional benefits

These pears are a good source of vitamin C, potassium and a modest source of dietary fiber.

Packaging options

Single layer box (8-16 count)
Double layer box (40-48 count)

Product availability

These 20th Century Japanese Pears are available September through February.

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