Green Dragon™ Apples

Delightfully sweet and wildly aromatic; this hidden treasure isn’t your average green apple.


Flavor profile and description

Green Dragon™ Apples have a complex sweetness and very low acidity. Most green apples are known for their tart kick, but this apple rivals the sweetness of the popular red varieties. Hints of pineapple and pear flavors give this apple a refreshing twist. Its many fruit esters in the aroma make it one of the most fragrant apples on the market.


Enjoy it alone, or add it to your favorite recipes. Its firm, crisp texture and bruise-resistant skin are great for baking. Green Dragon™ Apples are perfect for pies, muffins, tarts or chopped into fresh salads. Its flavors pair well with cranberries, pears, strawberries and cinnamon.

Selection and storage

Choose an apple that is firm to the touch with a shiny skin. Avoid bruised apples, but do not mistake the tiny brown freckles as imperfections. Ripe Green Dragon™ Apples can last in your refrigerator for 2-3 weeks.

The Green Dragon™ Apple story

The Green Dragon™ apple is a light, sweet, low-acid apple with a yellow/ green skin that is a favorite in Asia, where it traces its mysterious parentage to Japan in the 1920s. The name was inspired by the Chinese ancient symbol for royalty.

The Green Dragon™ brand of the Washu 1984 apple represents the highest quality fruit, carefully selected from each year's harvest.

Four decades ago the Washu 1984 apple variety was found in a collection of promising apple varieties by a northwest orchardist.

The apple was first planted in the Pacific Northwest, where the apple's complicated sweetness and delicate skin develops perfectly in the mild autumn sun.

All Green Dragon™ apples are grown and harvested locally in the Pacific Northwest. Until now most Green Dragon™ apples had been exported to Asia and could be found locally only at fruit stands, you-pick and farmers markets.


Packaging options

Double layer box (36-44 count)
40 lb. box

Product availability

Our Green Dragon™ Apples are available seasonally, October through January.

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